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Shock Absorber Bushing INCONEL 625+PTFE 316 Steering Pump Bushing
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Product: Views:306Shock Absorber Bushing INCONEL 625+PTFE 316 Steering Pump Bushing 
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Shock absorber bushing INCONEL 625+PTFE   316 steering pump bushing


DK-33 stainless steel Pb-free self- lubricating bearing used stainless steel material as base, spray painting PTFE on the surface. It is characterized by acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant, ocean water resistant and environmental protection. It is used widely as fluid value of measuring acid and alkalizing flow in chemical industry, and corrosion resisting sliding position in marine industry.


DICK specially develops DICK-10, DICK-40 and DICK-EPB self-lubricating materials meeting RoHs environmental requirements in the automobile field. The self-lubricating bearings are installed at over 30 positions of a passenger car such as tension pulley, air condition compressor, secondary air valve, fuel pump, starting motor, gearbox, steering pump, steering column, shock absorber, braking system, pedal assembly, seat adjustment system, door hinge, trunk hinge, engine hood hinge, windscreen wiper, etc.

Various self-lubricating bearings are widely applied to many positions including engine connecting rod, gearbox and balance shaft of MPV and trucks.

Plastic Injection Machinery

DICK has introduced the self-lubricating bearing design concept in the field of plastic injection machinery since 1995 and successfully provided various self-lubricating bearings including DICK650, DICK850 and DICK-10 for the world-class plastic injection machine manufacturers. The self-lubricating bearing guarantees the safe and long-acting operation due to low friction, high load, durability and free maintenance.

Hydraulic Components

Our company develops self-lubricating metal-polymer bearings suitable for fluid lubrication under heavy load and high speed working conditions which are widely applied to the industries such as gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, compressor, hydraulic cylinder, etc.

Material Handling Machinery and Harbor Machinery

The self-lubricating bearing features free maintenance, low cost and corrosion resistance compared with the traditional rolling bearing and is widely applied to outdoor material handling machinery including trucks, forklifts, lifting platform vehicle, harbor machinery, etc.

Punch Presser, Forging and Stamping Machinery

DICK self-lubricating bearing is commonly used for rotating and sliding worktable parts of machine tools. It greatly cuts down the maintenance cost, prolongs service life, reduces running noise and improves working environment due to low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance under the condition of impact load as well as self-lubricating property.

Agriculture Machinery

The self-lubricating bearing is widely applied to the positions incapable of lubrication or with difficulty in forming oil film such as hydraulic cylinder, suspension system and key parts of combine-harvesters, seeders, banding machines, pulverizers and tractors owing to the free maintenance and good wear resistance under the working conditions such as dust, outdoor, etc.

OA Equipment

By virtue of simple structure, light weight, no need of oiling, low noise and long service life, DICK self-lubricating bearing is widely used for office automation equipment. Typical applications include joints and reciprocation parts of fax machines, duplicators, paper shredders, scanners and printers.

Food Machinery

The self-lubricating bearing is featured with no need of oiling or low oil consumption and is free from harmful substances, so it has obvious advantages in the industries with strict requirements on cleanliness and environmental protection such as textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, beverage canning machinery, etc.

Energy Facility

Self-lubricating bearing bush produced by DICK is suitable for support and swing parts of new energy machineries. It could satisfy the requirements for long-term use and free maintenance and provides convenient use for wind power generation, solar power generation, hydraulic power generation, etc.

Fitness and Gym Equipment

The self-lubricating bearing is light and with cost-efficiency. At the same time, the maintenance free feature of the bearing provides the optimized applications to different kinds of fitness and Gym equipment.


Self-lubricating Bearing Concept

Oilless refers to no need of oiling or low oil consumption. Our research aims to ensure that the bearing can show good performance under various working conditions and prolong service life as long as possible. Basic operating principle of the self-lubricating bearing: during the initial run-in period, the embedded solid lubricants can be transferred from the friction surface to form a lubricating film to achieve the aim of self lubrication. The solid lubricating film separates the direct contact between work pieces, protecting wearing parts and prolonging the service life of bearings and work pieces.

Surface Roughness Reference

Tolerance Inspection

The wall thickness Inspection method and Inspection method C cannot be used at the same time

Non-wrapped Bearing

The precision devices including pneumatic gauge, lever micrometer, three-jaw and CMM can be used for non-wrapped bearing tolerance inspection.

Tolerance Reference

Mechanical Press Installation

Generally, the bearing can be press installed. The bearings can only be slowly pressed into the installation position by using a press pin after completely cleaning of the ID of the bushings. Any fast press or a punching installation of the bearing may cause seriously damage to the bearings.

Frozen Installation

The frozen installation is a better way for the bearing installation comparing with the mechanical press installation. The standard frozen installation temperature is about -40°C~70°C, the freezing time should be at least not less than 1 hour depending on the thickness and fitting tolerance of the installation parts.

The Shrinkage rate of the bearing can be calculated according to the following formula:


ΔD:OD Shrinkage rate of outside diameter

D:OD bearing outside diameter

α: linear expansion coefficient (1/105K)

ΔT: temperature difference

Installation of Wrapped Bearing

Installation of Wrapped Cylindrical Bushing

 Installation of Wrapped Flanged Bushing

Installation of Washer and Sliding Plate

Factors Influencing Bearing Life

Bearing load and loading mode

Linear velocity

PV value

Heat treatment mode of wearing parts

Ambient temperature, etc.

Dick Precision Mechinery, established in 2010, is a professional shock absorber bushing inconel 625+ptfe 316 steering pump bushing manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering customers the best quality products and excellent service. In order to make customers satisfied, customized orders of products are also welcome in our factory.